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Fresh Trak Foods is based in East Granby, CT and has been producing Salsa Loca since 2005. Our products are now available in several locations across CT and MA. Salsa Loca can also be purchased online, and at the events we attend. The business is currently owned and operated by Bob Kane

Bob Kane: Founder and President bobk@salsadelivery.com

We are very conscientious about quality and the environment. A must for our salsa - Use only fresh ingredients, locally grown produce (when possible), and make it in small batches to ensure consistent quality and flavor. Our 12-oz. retail containers are made entirely from corn plastic, making them biodegradable and compostable! (When ordered online, Salsa Loca is available in 16 and 32 oz. recyclable containers.) Also, SalsaDelivery.com is hosted on servers 100% powered by wind energy!
We are proud to be GREEN!

Salsa Loca is a fresh, wholesome, healthy food.
It's alive with enzymes and never contains any artificial preservatives!

Of course, fresh salsas can be made at home, but if you really want to liven your palate and don't want to take the time to do all that chopping and mincing on your own, you gotta have this stuff! ORDER HERE

Salsa Loca Beginnings

" My mom says it all started when I took her tomatoes out of her garden and sold them on the street corner to all our neighbors. I was 5 years old. "

Born and raised in Connecticut, Bob Kane worked in his parents' gourmet food store from a young age where he learned the importance of using the freshest and finest natural ingredients. During those formative years he attended many food shows, worked with chefs at several catering events, and learned culinary skills.

" I guess you could say I'm pretty handy in the kitchen. "

In his late twenties Bob moved out west to Utah. Besides skiing and mountain biking he also enjoyed the various fresh salsas native to the region. After a few years he and his wife, Marj, returned to Connecticut.

" One of the things I noticed was the absence of fresh salsa in the East, and how much of it is filled with garbage preservatives and never tastes as good as homemade salsa. "

Bob started making his own salsa and brought it to parties where people liked it so much they asked if he could make it for them. After receiving numerous requests, followed by months of encouragement...

" I started selling it in my parents' gourmet food store. Then local stores wanted to carry it, so eventually I quit my job and started making salsa full time. "

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